Fix Android Studio Stuck at Gradle Download|How to Manually Download Gradle

How To Manually Download Gradle Distributions

fix android studio gradle problem

When you try to create a new project in Android Studio you persist this problem. Actually you are not stuck, the android studio downloading the gradle. Probably the gradle size is different and the size of each distribution is between 10 MB to 50 MB. So to manually download the gradle distribution follow the below steps.

1) Find Which Version of Gradle is needed

Open Android Studio Create a new project when you click finish in the Create New Project wizard the android studio starts downloading the gradle, in this window you can which version of gradle is downloading. 

android studio gradle download
Here the Android Studio Downloading

2) Download Gradle Distribution

Goto find your gradle version and click download

3) Copy the Downloaded Zip file to Gradle folder

Paste the downloaded Zip file inside the following folder

Goto My Computer -> 

Now open Android Studio and when you open a project android studio sync with the new gradle version.

How To Video 


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