Android Wireless Data Transfer or Stream Files,Videos,Songs from PC with WiFi


Wireless Data Transfer or Streaming in Android

Now everything become wireless even wireless charging is available in the market, wireless technologies very convenient to use, people hate wires.
So in this post i will show you how you can transfer data from android device to your PC or vice-versa.
In this method you can access your Files, Movies, Songs etc. from your PC hard disk, so you don’t want to transfer movies to your phone, you can seamlessly stream your movies from your PC.

1. Download and Install ES File Explorer in your Android Device

downloading es file explorer

2. In PC Right click on your Folder or Drive that you want to share, Select Properties, Click Sharing Tab, Click Advanced Sharing, Tick Share this folder, also you can specify the permissions here, click Ok to Apply.

windows 8.1

windows 8.1

windows 8.1 permisions

windows 8.1

3. Connect both Android device and PC/Laptop to the same wifi network (Wifi Router).
If you don’t have a wifi network then create a new Wifi hotspot from your Android phone and connect the PC to the Wifi Network.

android wifi

windows 8.1 wifi

4. Open ES File Explorer, Select Lan Option option from the Drawer, 

es file explorer lan

Tap Scan, Select your PC from the result,

es file explorer lan
Enter username and password of your PC Tap Ok

es file explorer lan

Here you can see all the shared folders and drives here, 

es file explorer lan

Here you can transfer data from your pc and to your android phone. also you can stream multimedia files.


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