Easy ways to Run Android Applications|Games|OS on your PC


Run Android Apps,Games and OS on your PC

runnning instagram on PC

In our previous post we are discussed about browsing Instagram photos on PC, But in this post we are going to discuss about running Android Apps,Games,OS in your PC with the full experience of using a real Android phone. When you see this post, I know some of them are thinking

“What! is it possible” , yes its possible with the use of Virtual Machines and in this way you can run any OS inside your existing OS.
To run Android Applications and Games on your PC , all you need to do is Install any of the following PC applications.

bluestacks ui

I strongly recommend bluestacks to run Android application on your PC, because its free and simple to use.
-Full Screen Viewer
-Sync Apps,Updates between Phone and PC
-View Apps In Tablet mode and Phone Mode


youwave ui

 If you want to enjoy the full experience of Android OS and Apps then youwave is the best solution. it gives the full user interface of the Android OS. 
-Option to Save Game
-SD Card(Simulated)
-Free version only for 10 days


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