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Don 2 The Game
Don 2 Game
After the Successful release of Ra.One GameDon 2: The King is Back is all set to released as a video game to allow fans to get a personal feel of action.
The two big giants in Indian gaming industry Ganesh shastra and Mango games are going to release the Don 2 Game in Different Platforms.

“I feel gaming is a good platform to tell stories of a film and about the characters through this medium. Today, gaming is a biggest platform. They make games according to films. I hope more and more films make use of this growing platform” — Shahrukh

“The idea of making a game based on the film’s narrative really excited me. It is an interesting way for people to get to do some real action and adventure” 
Farhan Akhtar, the director and producer of the film

“The game looks as real as the film and its characters. This is the best way to keep the hysteria going among the fans,” — producer Ritesh Sidhwani

Don 2 The Game Trailer

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PS 3  
iOS( I-pad and I-phone)
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