How to Convert Normal Sim Card to Micro Sim

Simple Steps to  Convert Normal Sim Card to Micro Sim

micro sim

Micro Sims are already Launched by all Mobile Companies, because the high end phones and Tablets Iphone 4,Ipad,Nokia Lumia etc.. needs Micro Sim Cards.

So first you need to contact your Service Provider ask for Micro Sim, if your Carrier not offering Micro Sim card., Don’t Worry You can convert your Sim card to a Micro sim Card.

1. Exclude and Mark all the White Part of the Sim (12mm x 15mm is the STD  Size of micro sim)
Do this with the help of Ruler and Marker, be carefull while cutting the edges, it will ruins ur sim permenantly.

micro sim cutting

2. Use a Scissor to cut along these marked lines

micro sim

Now Enjoy your new Smart Phone


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