How to play remotely with real cats | Offers robotic play dates with real cats and kittens Free

Cat Lovers Now able to play with Real Cats and Kittens from a computer in a far away
Cute kitten
For people who Love cats and kittens but don’t have any of their own, Now their is a way to play remotely with beautiful cats and kittens.

Bideawee, a New York City based animal welfare organization, introduced remote play dates with Real cats that are up for adoption. 

This works with a innovative software (iPet) this allows users to operate Remote controlled robotic toys entertain cats.

[Nancy Taylor, CEO, Bideawee]:
“I think it gives people at home or at work on their computer a great way to feel connected with live animals and in this digital age people really yearn for companionship and connection.”

To Play Just log onto Bideawee, the New York animal welfare organisation’s website, and Click the ‘Kitty Play Date’ option. They are then launched into Download latest Silverlight Software a 6mb Software

then Users can watch cats jump, pounce and grab at the toys that are wired to respond instantaneously to remote commands.
Each user is allowed two minutes of play but there is no limit to how many times you can log in for a play date.


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