Stream Live Video from your Mobile Camera

How to Stream Live Video from your Mobile Camera, Is It Possible ?

The answer is Yes.. 
Video Streaming is a continual broadcast of events in a person’s life through digital media. Typically, life casting is transmitted through the medium of the Internet and can involve wearable technology. Life casting reverses the concept of surveillance, giving rise to surveillance through portability, personal experience capture, daily routines and interactive communication with viewers.
The first person to do life casting, i.e. stream continuous live first-person video from a wearable camera, was Steve Mann whose experiments with wearable computing and streaming video in the early 1980s led to Wearable Wireless Web cam. Starting in 1994, Mann continuously transmitted his everyday life 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and his site grew in popularity to become Cool Site of the Day in 2005. Using a wearable camera and wearable display, he invited others to both see what he was looking at, over the Web, as well as send him live feeds or messages in real time. In 1998 Mann started a community of life casters which has grown to more than 20,000 members.
So you don’t want to wear big camera to do live streaming you can share life as it happens with the use of Qik you can Capture life moments wherever they happen using your mobile phone. Capture special or spontaneous 
moments on video using your mobile phone and share the moment live or anytime later with anyone you choose.
live streaming ocean jumping

  • It’s convenient. Interesting moments can happen anywhere. Your mobile phone is the one device that’s always with you.
  • It’s easy. Before you finish recording, your Qiks are already saved to your online Video Gallery, ready for safe-keeping or sharing.
    • Anyone you choose. Share your Qiks with a single family member, a group of friends, or broadcast to your entire community. You decide.
    • Many sharing options. With a single tap, share by email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, your blog, through your own Video Gallery on, or directly to another mobile phone.
      • Live. Share your Qiks live (right as you are recording them)!
      • Later. If friends and family aren’t available to watch live, they can see your Qiks anytime later that’s convenient.



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