How to Create full 360 Panorama View|Download Photosynth for WP7.5,iPhone,PC


Create Stunning Full 360 Panorama With Windows Phone or iPhone
panorama ice hill


Tired of taking still photos, then try Microsoft Photosynth application that runs on iPhone and Windows Phone 7.5, this application creates realistic 360 view of your image in both vertical and horizontal angle and stiches the images to gives you the full 360 view.

With this app you can explore your scene in 3D, apart from that the full 360 view describe a lot rather than a single shot.

The Photosynth application is available for PC, Windows Phone 7.5, and iPhone and you can share your works in Photosynth to showcase your beautiful works , also you can share synths to Facebook, or embedded in your blog or website.

Download Photosynth for iPhone
Download Photosynth for Windows Phone 7.5
Download Photosynth for PC


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