How to Fix Corrupted Video Files from Android


Most of the time we record our great memories with our smartphone camera, sometimes the recording may be stopped due to camera crash, low memory or dead battery. People try everything to fix Corrupted Video of their precious memory, even people buy expensive pc software to fix mp4 videos taken in the smartphone, the reality is we cannot repair videos taken in one smartphone from pc or any other smartphones.


Download MP4Fix

Mp4Fix comes with a great solution to fix corrupted mp4 files from Android devices, this simple app is a lifesaver to recover our great memories.

With over 500 000 downloads and MP4Fix proves its reliability, MP4Fix searches for crashed files and shows all corrupted mp4 videos on the list, so we can easily choose the one to fix.

After recovering your mp4 video, you can watch videos for free anytime, but if you want to save or share it requires a one-time purchase of “Premium Features”, after purchase you can use the app for unlimited save and share.


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