Type Malayalam|Tamil|Hindi Other Regional Indian Languages in Samsung Android Phone without any Apps


Type Regional Indian Languages Without any Apps

type regional languages in android samsung

India now has nearly 867,800,000 mobile phone users. India is the second largest country based on the total number of mobile phone users. Companies like Samsung introduced Indian language support in their Android Smart phones, they launched 9 Regional language support including Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati. Many Galaxy series phones now supporting the regional languages other devices are added soon.
The languages are free to download from Samsung , by downloading and installing the languages you can use both English and your native language with a swipe, its easy to switch between many languages while typing.

How To

Step 1 : Goto Settings
android settings jellybean

Step 2 : Open Languages and input
android menu
Step 3 : In Keyboards and input methods Open settings button next to the Samsung keyboard
android menu samsung keyboard
Step 4 : Open Select input languages
android menu samsung
Step 5 : Tap and download languages you want
regional languages in android

To type in your language

When the Keyboard appears Swipe the space bar and choose your desired language
android malayalamandroid hindi


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