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Info World Android App

Google’s Android OS now become the No.1 Mobile and Tablet OS in the world, the publicity of Android app goes at lightening speed. The top competitor Apples 70% Top apps are already available in Android market. The android developers are increased day by day and started courses about Android app development.

If you are thinking what is the need of android app for your Blog/Website ?
then here is the answer, making android apps really making your blog more visible to more users around the world once you created your android app and people download and installed to their phone and if they likes blog content they don’t forget visit your blog through your app, so it gives massive traffic to your blog and you can Monetize and earn extra money from ads.

How To

Step 1 : Go to AppsGeyser


apps geyser

Step 2 : Click CREATE APP NOW

Step 3 : Select WEBSITE

apps geyser

Step 4 : Enter the URL of your Blog/Website
             To get the best result enter the mobile website URL of your Blog/Website
             [ if you are using blogger blog Its easy to convert your Blog to mobile friendly site
             If you activated the mobile version then add /?m=1 to the end of the URL ]
             Like This :

apps geyser

Step 5 : Enter App Name , Description , Icon , Category
              Check the preview to see how it looks

Step 6 : Click Create and Sign Up
              You just created your first Android app ! 

apps geyser

After you created your first Android app, the dashboard shows the statistics of your app, Download/distribution link, and a QR code code like this

QR Code of Info World Blog


Scan and Download Info World Android App

QR Code of Info World Blog

You can publish to the official Android Market Google Play to get more installs, and you can monetize your app with Google’s Ad Mob or Inner Active.



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