Browser Sandbox|Run any Internet Browsers Online|No Need to Install


Run Any Internet Browser Online Without any Installation

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This awesome tool lets you to enjoy all the internet browsers online without installing browsers to your computer, no install means you can enjoy all the features of any browser through online. This tool virtualize all the features of your favourite browser in your computer, and you can choose any version of that particular browser.


The main advantage of this tool is the ability to save all the settings online, it synchronize all the settings data to your account, and you can access it from anywhere, this gives more portability and personalized experience of browsing.

How – To

1. Go to 
    Create a New Account

create account

2. Click any browser you want to browse
    This Browser Sandbox Contains All the major web browsers and their latest versions
    Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer
3. If you click any of the browser from the list, then the next page shows all the  details 
    about that particular browser and their buffer size (Size to load that browser)

firefox 2


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