Qooh.me|Let Your Friends Can Ask Questions Anonymously About You


Let People Ask You Anonymous Question

If you really wanted to know the questions that others wanted to ask you is a crucial process that may be very difficult to know the true questions. It is because of that type questions sometimes hurts you or may be its very ugly to asks you in person. So what you do if you wanted to know about that questions, well there is special website Qooh.me that lets your friends to ask questions anonymously cool, isn’t it ?
The Qoohme is really a wonderful website to know who you are and what others think about you, and sometimes its solve your problems or know your mistakes and misbehavior.
This free website is very easy to Join and Share, Once Sign Up you will get profile link like this ” www.qooh.me/username “ you can share this link to get questions from your other people, the interesting feature is users do not need to Sign Up to ask questions, so everyone is asks at least one question.
To get more questions you can connect your account to Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger.


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