How to Blur Faces in YouTube with Built in Video Enhancement Tools


Blur Faces with Built in YouTube Video Enhancement Tools

Youtube blur before and after

YouTube introduced some new features to their video enhancement tools, its very effective to edit your uploaded videos inside YouTube and no need to install any video editor software, the YouTube video enhancement includes lot of useful features :  
Video Filters to improve your videos, 
Auto-fix for Automatic color correction,
Fine Tune for Manual color correction,
Stabilize to Remove shaky camera motions,
and the YouTube video editor for combining multiple videos.
Apart from this basic video enhancement features you can see additional features button this will allows you to blur all the faces in the selected video, the following are the step to Blur all the faces in your YouTube video.

Step 1 :
Login to your YouTube account and select My channel

Youtube mychannel

Step 2 :
Select any video from the list

Youtube video list

Step 3 :
Click Enhancements

Step 4 :
Click Additional features

Youtube blur

Step 5 :
Click Apply

Youtube blur

Step 6 :
Now you need to examine the video to check whether all the faces are blurred or not

Before Blur Effect:

Youtube blurred video before

After Blur Effect:

Youtube blurred video after

Step 7 :
Now Click Save As to create a new copy of the video with Blurred Faces

Youtube blur

Now Enjoy YouTube Videos without losing your privacy.


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