Easy way to Update BIOS|Intel G31|Biostar Board



bios update

The BIOS is the first software that runs a PC to install Operating system or to configure a new PC, it loads when the PC is powered on, when it loads it checks all hardware and software like RAM,CPU,Display driver and device,So updating to the latest BIOS driver helps you to fix many problems and increasing CPU speed.

  • Fixing all start-up failure 
  • Fixing Resolution problem (New LED/LCD Monitor don’t support its native/full resolution when your bios software is old) 
  • Fixing other compatibility issues 
  • Decreasing booting time 
  • Speed up your overall system speed
The failure of updating the BIOS due to improper operation will cause a damage of the system, INFO WORLD assumed no responsibility.

Step 1 : Know your Motherboard Manufacture and Model Number
To know this there are many options available.
-> Check your Bill to Know the model number of your Motherboard
computer bill

-> Install Intel Board ID Tool -> Check BIOS (Press F2/Del key while starting your PC) 
Step 2 : After that check your Motherboard manufacturer website to know the instructions and latest updates

Here i shows you How to Update Biostar Intel G31 M7 TE Motherboard
Step 1 : First Go to Biostar official Website
Step 2 : Click Support –> Download
Step 3 : From Motherboard Select G31 M7 TE according to your mother board model
Step 4 : Click BIOS tab
Step 5 : Download BIOS Utility and Instruction PDF
Step 6 : After downloading BIOS utility run and click Backup Bios

update bios

Step 7 : If you are using AMI BIOS its possible to update via online
Step 8 : Others Download latest BIOS update fro BIOS tab and Click update BIOS
You are Done.


  1. Computer is great invention and its become our work so easy and fast. BIOS software is very useful and fantastic for our work. You allot great information about install this software on PC.


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