Top 5 Free Messaging Apps for Android Phones


Top 5 Messaging Apps

The default messaging app of Android is not good for advanced users so Here i lists the top 5 free Android apps that suits different users

Zlango Messaging
Zlango sms

This messaging app is completely different from all other Messaging apps because it gives your messages with visual elements and icons instead of sending boring texts this is the better app to chat with a fun way.



All smartphone owners loves this must have app,This most awarded messenger of every platform gives you seamless messaging,calling experience with lot of stunning features, you can chat to all your friends from one place, integrate Google,Facebook,yahoo,Hotmail and many other social media sites, this makes chatting more social and fun. 


Chomp sms

Chomp SMS gives you more customization options to personalize your messaging experience, apart from the all basic features it gives you scheduled messaging to send messages later, the quick replay and quick compose gives you send and receive messages while you are using another app.


HandCent SMS
hand cend sms

This powerful SMS/MMS app gives you more personalized messaging, and it gives you integrated spell check to correct spelling mistake, and the security features are entirely different from other apps it gives you to hide individual messages and password protect your messages, and another interesting feature is it track your friends location with GPS.


Pansi SMS
pansi sms

This cool SMS app gives more control over you messaging, personalization makes this app more unique to your taste, pop up SMS with quick reply, backup and restore all your messages to SD Card, the beautifully created widget gives you easy access. 




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