Paris Hilton in India, with Indian Celebs!

Paris Hilton in India to launch her namesake collection of handbags

Hot Paris Hilton Flashes her Jewelled phone

International celebrity Paris Hilton the world’s most famous hotel heiress, known for her jet set lifestyle and celebrity status, who is on her first visit to India, The 30-year-old hotel heiress arrived in Mumbai on Saturday and a party was thrown in her honour. She says Had the best time at my party last night! Met so many amazing people! The women in India are so exotic and gorgeous! she added India rocks! So thrilled to be here, Love everyone in India so much. So happy I came here,”  The American socialite also called the country a “spiritual and magical” land at the launch of her collection. Paris will unveil her fall-winter designs during her three-day trip here.

Hilton tweeted on Sunday. She is on a three-day visit to the country to launch her exclusive handbags and accessories range under the label Paris Hilton Entertainment, who also license Tommy Hilfiger and Barbie in India. The collection will be unveiled at Inorbit Mall in Malad on September 25 where Hilton will greet fans, business partners and media, also she is expected to meet Indian celebrities during her visit, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has denied the rumours that he is hosting a party for her.

Paris Hilton’s Full Programs in India

Partying: Aurus beach-side electro dancefloor Whine as she might about people thinking she only dances on tabletops, it is no secret that Paris Hilton’s two favorite party places in the world are St. Tropez and Ibiza. Aurus, known for its packed weekends and posh crowds, would be the perfect spot for Hilton to mingle with Mumbai’s most affluent. It’s where Madonna hung with B-Town.This Mumbai nightspot overlooking Juhu beach, hosts great food and the most original electro DJs to rival European standards, playing Deadmaus and David Guetta — some of Paris Hilton’s favorite acts.

Sleeping: Taj Mahal Palace suite While the Hilton might be the obvious option, the Taj Mahal Palace is one of Mumbai’s most recognizable landmarks and the perennial hotel of choice for all celebrities and dignitaries.The Taj recently hosted Barack Obama, who booked out the entire hotel for his two-day Mumbai stay, all 570 rooms.While fans are sure to be queuing to see Paris Hilton, security will be an important factor in choosing where to stay, and this hotel (a target of the 26/11 terror attacks) is well-equipped for security threats. There are also panoramic views of the Gateway of India, the harbor and the sea, while the building itself is an architectural landmark.

Paris Hilton Exclusive Pictures
There was a big turnout to the mall to see the reality star whose boutique is in the shape of a handbag

Paris Hilton  hand bag boutique
Paris with some indian girls

paris hilton
Paris Hilton at Mtv House of Style with VJ anusha
Paris Hilton at Mtv House of Style

ParisHilton with her BFF

Hot Paris hilton with her BFF
Paris Hilton at Her Party in India with Style Guru Anusha

Paris Hilton partying in india
Susmitha Sen and Bipasha Basu at Paris Hilton Party

Hot Bipasha Basu and Susmitha Sen
Bipasha Basu at Paris Hilton Party

Hot Bipasha Basu
[ via Daily Mail , Pics Vj anusha ]


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