Best ways to Schedule Facebook Page|Profile|Group Updates

Schedule Facebook Updates
Facebook watch
If you are busy with your studies or with your job, and you want to update facebook regularly, sure this post really helps you to schedule your future facebook updates, also if you are a admin of a Facebook Page or Group you need this to update regularly or time to time, regular updates increases your likes.
  • Schedule posts with repeat posting
  • Post to Multiple pages and groups

  • 100% Free
  • Posting only possible to Facebook profile and Twitter

  • 10 Free updates per month
  • Also Scheduling wall posts to friends
  • Lots of option for scheduling

Email Uploading

  • Apart from all the above methods E-mail uploading gives you original uploading without the application links, so people don’t regret your update
  • With use of your unique mobile uploading address and Boomerang you can schedule updates via email



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