How to use PC as WiFi Hotspot|Share Internet Connection with all your WiFi Devices


Use PC as a Wifi Hotspot

hotspot pc

If you don’t have WiFi Router and want to share your PC internet connection with all your WiFi devices, then Connectify Hotspot helps you to convert your PC as Wifi modem and you can share your internet connection like a Wifi router. In this way you can share any of your internet connections no matter its broadband, 3g or 4g adapter,DSL etc. And you can access it from any of your Wifi devices.
The Hotspot actually works as a software router that transforms your pc in to a Wifi router, the overall process is with a click of a button, now lets start.

start wifi hotspot

Download and install Connectify Hotspot 

When you start the Hotspot you can see the Hotspot name this is the name of your Wifi connection 

Then you can set the Wifi password 

After that select the internet connection you want to share from the Internet to share drop down list

Then Click Start Hotspot , Now create and enjoy Wifi Network everywhere. 

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