Download Voxer for Android and iPhone|Turn your Phone into a Walkie Talkie


Turn Your Phone Into a Walkie Talkie

(Push to Talk)

Voxer Walkie talkie

In our childhood we are all loves walkie talkie, playing with walkie talkie is very fun and interesting. Walkie talkie is very convenient for talking to a group of people within a range and its very affordable. Like walkie talkie you can use your Android or iPhone as a walkie talkie with the use of Voxer app.

Voxer app lets you to share voice messages real-time with your friends and its handy hold and talk function gives you a feel of real walkie talkie. Also you can use Voxer as a all in one messenger and you can integrate with your Facebook account to share your activity. Apart from walkie talky you can share your text, Photos and locations with your friends. Another great function of Voxer is the Group Chat its connects all your friends in one place and you can talk to each other.

Voxer group chat

Download From Apple Store (For iPhone)

Download From Google Play (For Android)


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