How to Protect and Recover your BlackBerry Phone Data|BlackBerry Protect


BlackBerry Protect


What do you do if your BlackBerry was stolen or lost somewhere ? whatever its before you start crying make sure the data is safe and secure in order to avoid more problems. Now you can easily recover your contacts, calendars, tasks, memos, text messages and browser bookmarks from your missing BlackBerry device with BlackBerry Protect.

BlackBerry Protect : Features

  • Back Up Regularly
    BlackBerry protect regularly backed up all your data’s and restore this data’s to the current device or to a new device  
  • Wipe Device
    After you Backed up all your data you can remotely wipe all the data’s including your memory card
  • Lock Device
    Remotely Lock your device with new password
  • View Location
    If you turned on the location tracking feature in BlackBerry protect app installed in your phone, you can track the current location of the phone with a wireless connection
  • Display A Message
    Display a customized message on your home screen even if your phone is locked
  • Play Sound
    If you lost your phone in a jungle you can make your device rings loudly to find the phone easily

To Activate the BlackBerry Protect Feature you need to install BlackBerry Protect app from App World and visit BlackBerry Protect.


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