Recycle Bin Apps for Android|Temporary Storage of Deleted Files

Recycle Bin Apps for Android

android gallery delete option

What is missing in an Android device is a Recycle Bin that temporary stores the deleted files, and most of the people googled for “is there a recycle bin on android” , the answer is yes, the following apps helps to add a recycle bin to your Android Phone.


dumpster app

Dumpster gives not only a recycle bin but also they provide cloud backup tool that constantly backup your data to Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive. 
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Recycle Bin

recycle bin app

Recycle bin another app that provides a recycle bin to your android phone, this app actually works with a third party file explorer(xplore,es file explorer), from the file explorer the file must send or share to the Recycle Bin App only goes to the recycle bin app.
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Recycle Bin – Restore Apps

recycle bin restore apps

This app helps to restore deleted apps, this app does not store the entire APK but it logs the deleted apps and link to the Playstore.
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