how to Set Environment Variable for Java in Windows 8,8.1

Set Environment Variable for Java in Windows 8,8.1

java home

Defining JAVA_HOME is an important process after the installation of your JDK you must set the JAVA_HOME as your system variable, this is essential in the GlassFish ESB installation. another reason is most of the java IDE’s only work after JAVA_HOME is declared, the Android Studio not works until u set the JAVA_HOME variable.

android studio java error

Double click Computer
Select system properties
Right click computer > select properties

system properties in windows

Click Advanced system settings
advanced system settings in windows

Click Environment Variables
environment variables

Click new in System variables
new system variables

Type JAVA_HOME as the variable name
in Variable value point where you installed the Java JDK,
the default location is C:Program FilesJavajdk1.8.0_25
click OK


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