Easy way to setup custom domain name for blogger blog with Google Apps


Setup Custom Domain for Blogger

Buying custom domain for your blog is a good and wise decision if you want to become a professional and successful blogger. Many new bloggers thinks that its a tremendous task and they hesitate to buy custom domain name for their blog. The actual thing is the overall process is simple if you are doing it right, but if you make any errors then it will cause some serious problems for your blog. So be careful when you are transferring your BlogSpot to a custom domain.

The main advantage of using Custom Domain is the professional look and feel that gives to your blog, in this way you can get more visitors and their interaction, i will explain it with an example if you are using a blogger blog then you get a free blog address like this :
” myblog.blogspot.com ” ,The main problem with this address is, its a sub domain and you don’t get all the advantages of a domain name, If you are using domain name then it will looks better than a sub domain, like this “ myblog.com ” , So getting a domain for your blog really a good and wise decision.

1. With Google Apps
The easiest way to setup a custom domain name for blogger blog, in this way you can setup your domain name without any errors or complications because the over all process is done by google itself so its the safest and easiest way.

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Select your desired blog and click Settings
 blogger settings
Step 3 : In publishing section click Add Custom Domain
add custom domain

Step 4 : Enter the Domain Name you want to register and check availability


Step 5 : Then you will be directed to the registration page that shows the amount of the domain name and the registrar
you can change the domain registrar by clicking Learn more


then click Continue registration

Step 6 : after that fill out the domain information page and your payment options.
That’s it now you will get a Google App page and Cpanel from the domain registrar there you can manage your domain name.


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