How to use Google Maps Offline in Android

Google Maps for  the world’s no 1 map App now available in offline map feature, now you can explore the world without worrying about internet connectivity. On November 10, 2015 Google officially announces the news to the world. 
In the latest update of GMaps you can download a specific location to your device, you can download maximum area of 50km X 50km map data to your device. Google Maps automatically switch to offline map when there is no connectivity, and when the network is available it switch to the offline mode, another main advantage of offline map is you can prevent high data usage to view maps. In this way you can save your entire hometown or the area from your home to your office.

How To

1. Download and install Google Maps App from Google Play
2. Open GMaps and Search your location
google maps offline bangalore
3. At the bottom, Tap and open the place name
4. Tap Download
google maps offline android
5. Now select the area to download, you can zoom in or zoom out select a precise location, also you can see the size of your Map at the bottom, Now click Download
6. Name your Offline area and tap Save
google maps offline android
7. After the successful download you can view or update your Maps in Offline areas.
google maps offline androidgoogle maps offline android

After downloading offline maps you can view, rename and delete you offline maps, and one more things is each is map is expired in 29 days.


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